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Industry News

BET & Perry are still BFFs

Tyler Perry has has a working relationship with BET since 2017 and it won’t be ending anytime soon. Their new deal (good through 2028) includes renewals for eight current Perry shows spread across both BET & BET+. Perry will, of course, also be bringing new content to the network- so far a BET+ show titled Route 187, with more opportunities for development in the future. BET CEO Scott Mills said about the partnership- “Tyler Perry is simply without rival as a creator of content that powerfully resonates with audiences across genres, formats, and platforms.”

The RomCom is back (did it ever really leave?)

Is the romcom finally back? Did you even know it was gone? Signs might point to yes on both fronts. With last year’s success of Anyone But You (218M global box office) and high streaming numbers behind Netflix’s recent Irish Wish, audiences seem eager to escape the cynicism of our current state of affairs. Anyone But You writer Will Gluck insists quality romcoms have been here all along, but most are now found hanging out on streaming platforms now where they don’t receive the same attention and validation of the Julia Roberts/Meg Ryan/Sandra Bullock blockbusters of yore. Next up on the hopeful smash-hit romcom train are the Anne Hathaway vehicle The Idea of You and Mother of the Bride starring Brooke Shields & Benjamin Bratt.

Early Emmys Estimates

Variety taps The Bear, Hacks, The Morning Show, True Detective, and The Crown to all be big winners at television’s biggest night later this year. There’s still some time left for shows & limited series to make waves, but races will narrow considerably in the coming month.

Box Office Numbers

  1. Civil War - 25.7M - A24

  2. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire - 15.5M (158 total) - Warner Bros.

  3. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire - 5.8M (97 total) - Sony Pictures

  4. Kung Fu Panda 4 - 5.5M (173.7 total) - Universal

  5. Dune: Part Two - 4.3M (272.1 total) - Warner Bros.

Expert Insights

Tom Hiddleston stopped by Deadline’s “The Actor’s Side” to talk through his journey with Marvel and beyond as an actor. Here are some of our highlights:

On the secret of his long-running success with Loki as a character:
TH: All I can depend on is to make the conflict - because drama is conflict - is to make it as real and honest and detailed and authentic to me as possible and just…throw my soul at it.

On the most necessary part of storytelling:
TH: I wonder if in life we find sincerity quite difficult, but we need it in art. We deeply need it in our art…and I think audiences respond very strongly to sincerity.

The audition advice he gives over and over:
TH: I’ve always had a complex journey with auditions, you know what I mean? It’s always a very difficult thing and people ask me for advice all the time and I say, look- just be as brave as you can.

On the genius of his Loki & Midnight in Paris co-star Owen Wilson:
TH: He has a way of being spontaneous in the moment but not straying away from the scene- which takes, I think, enormous precision. You have to really know what the scene is.

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Quiz Time

Time just released their 2024 list of the 100 most influential people. Can you guess which category the following movie & tv professionals landed in on the list?

1. Dev Patel

2. Taraji P. Henson

3. Kelly Ripa

4. Maya Rudolph

5. America Ferrera

A. Innovator

B. Titan

C. Icon

D. Artist

E. Pioneer

Trends on your FYP

The much anticipated trailer for Season 3 of Bridgerton was finally released last week and the dissections, memes, and publicity surrounding it has been dominating our feed. Here are some of our favorite moments so far (be warned a few of them, like Bridgerton itself, may be a bit NSFW 😏) -

What We’re Watching This Weekend

🎥 For campy horror fun - Abigail opens today in theaters

🎥 For your Marvel fix - Disney+’s new series X-Men ‘97

🎥 For the Alan Tudyk fans (so…everyone, right?) - catch up on Season 3 of Resident Alien on Peacock

🎥 For a good laugh - Conan O’Brien Must Go now on Max

🎥 For anyone wanting more Dune-adjacent material - Zac Snyder’s Rebel Moon - Part Two now streaming on Netflix

Quiz Answers: 1A, 2C, 3B, 4A, 5E
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