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Industry News

SAG Agrees with the FTC

Tuesday’s landmark FTC decision to (almost completely) ban non-compete clauses will have ripple effects in Hollywood. SAG-AFTRA has weighed in several times, including sending comments to the FTC, regarding how non-competes suppress wages and “unreasonably constrain our members in taking new employment.” The union emphasized- “The time has come to bring an end to the use of these anti-competitive clauses that artificially restrict employees from participating in a free market.”

What CD Daniels-Butler Looks for in the Audition Room

Casting director Leah Daniels-Butler is attuned to the particular challenges of casting historical pieces. Her advice to actors auditioning for these particular jobs is to be mindful of the period they’re working in. She uses Lovie Simone (who she cast in the recent John Wilkes Booth story Manhunt) as an example-

“Many actors will contemporize [their audition]. If they don’t have the proper training, they will likely [revert] to what they know…those nuances- the cadence of your voice, not looking your superior in the eye- today, you would not necessarily think about that, but someone like Lovie knew instinctively to do.”

Peabody Noms Are Out

The Peabodys honor the most powerful, enlightening, and invigorating stories found in tv, radio, and online media. The awards celebrate storytelling that reflects the social issues and emerging voices of the day across eight categories. This year PBS received the most nominations with 11, followed by HBO/Max with eight and Netflix with four. Brush up on the nominees in the broad entertainment category below:

Box Office Numbers

  1. Civil War - 11.1m (44.9 gross) - A24

  2. Abigail - 10.3m - Universal

  3. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire - 9.6m (171.7 gross) - Warner Bros.

  4. The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare - 8.9m - Lionsgate

  5. Spy x Family Code: White - 4.8m - Crunchyroll

Behind the Screens

Speaking of Peabody nominees, let’s look at the widely loved and critically acclaimed comedy-drama series- The Bear. Created for FX on Hulu by Christopher Storer (producer: Eighth Grade, Ramy; director: The Bear, Dickinson; writer: The Bear) the thirty minute show centers on chef Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) returning to his hometown Chicago to take over the chaotic kitchen at his deceased brother’s sandwich shop.

Listen to Storer talk about the inception and filming of Season One one this episode of the Blamo! podcast. Learn more about the unique cinematography and pacing that helps make the show work so well in this video essay.

The Bear is filmed in Chicago and has been renewed through a fourth season (the third season releases this June). The show is casted by Jeanie & Maggie Bacharach at Jeanie Bacharach Casting. Other large projects they’ve casted include Station Eleven, The Dropout, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Nashville. Jeanie’s upcoming projects include the Jake Gyllenhaal led series Presumed Innocent.

Bacharach interviewed last year with Gold Derby discussing her casting work on both The Bear and The Patient. For a longer Q&A, check out both Maggie & Jeanie discuss Marvelous Mrs. Maisel at SAG-AFTRA.

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Quiz Time

With the success of Amazon’s new series Fallout based on the much-beloved game series, we’ve been thinking- what are the other standout video game adaptations? Can you put the following movies based on video games in global box office return order?

A. Warcraft

B. Uncharted

C. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

D. Pokemon Detective Pikachu

E. Rampage

1. 1.36 billion

2. 450 million

3. 439 million

4. 428 million

5. 407 million

Trends on Your FYP

Everyone’s favorite Julliard grad and true vocal Renaissance man Alan Tudyk stopped by Variety to get quizzed on lines from his past work. It was, as expected, a great ride-

What We’re Watching This Weekend

🎥 For layers of on screen tension (and your childhood tennis champion dreams) - Zendaya’s new film Challengers is in theaters now

🎥 For fans of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman - Netflix’s new series Dead Boy Detectives is out now and connects to the popular series

🎥 For a good scare - last year’s favorite horror film M3GAN is now on Peacock

🎥 For some sci-fi with heart - season 2 of Apple TV+’s The Big Door Prize is streaming now

🎥 For those wishing it was shark week - 2018’s action romp The Meg is now on Hulu

Quiz Answers: A3, B5, C1, D2, E4
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